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A carbonated water system that provides refreshing sparkling water with the flick of a handle! SeltzaTap is a stylish, must-have kitchen addition that provides both refreshing seltzer water and regular hot and cold still water. Plus, its handy hose is perfect for cleaning your sink. SeltzaTap is the most affordable, most convenient way to enjoy seltzer water, straight from your faucet.

Now, you can say goodbye to lugging heavy, expensive bottles of carbonated water home from the store. No plastic bottles means less waste — and that’s a relief for the environment. SeltzaTap is a great way to get your family to drink more water, that’s free from sugar and harmful additives.

  • Flick the left handle to dispense refreshing carbonated water, right handle controls regular hot and cold water.
  • Handy hose attachment will make cleaning your fruit, vegetables, and your kitchen sink, a breeze.
  • Easy installation with universal fittings. Fit it yourself or use a local plumber.
  • CO2 canister and smart cooler box fit neatly below your countertop, so there’s no clutter!



  • Rated voltage: 120V AC 60Hz
  • Volume of CO2 in the soda water: up to 7.5  g/L
  • Soda water capacity: > 4L/Hour. MAX. 1 Liter per single usage
  • Water inlet pressure (after filtration): 2-3 bar (30-45 PSI)
  • CO2 gas: pressure inlet up to 5.5 bar (80 PSI) Max
  • Electric outlet: Must have under sink plug outlet or ability to install a plug.

SeltzaTap size (installed)

  • Height: 508mm. (20")
  • Width: 333mm. (13 1/8")
  • Depth: 50mm. (2")
SeltzaHub Size (fits under counter)
  • Height: 370mm. (14 1/2")
  • Width: 180mm. (7")
  • Depth: 450mm. (17 3/4")

    CO2 regulator
    Power Cord for SeltzaHub
    Full installation kit including tubing hoses and valves
    Does not include: CO2 bottle, soap dispenser


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    Key Features

    Hot, cold, chilled, sparkling

    Our 20 liter tank chills your water before it adds the bubbles, to give you delicious sparkling water you’ll love every time.

    Innovative Design

    After two years of development, we’ve had SeltzaTap installed in local homes, so you can trust that it’s been fully tested. Testers say they honestly can’t imagine being without it!

    Universal fittings

    There’s no need to worry about your new SelzaTap not fitting your kitchen sink. All fixtures are designed to be standard to North American kitchens.

    Simple to use

    No more lugging bottles of soda water home from the store — with SeltzaTap’s kitchen faucet, enjoying sparkling water is a matter of turning on the tap!

    Easy to install

    Our stylish tap fits just like a regular kitchen tap, while the smart cooler box and CO2 canister is tucked neatly away out of sight. It’s simple to self-install, or simply hire a local plumber.

    Recycleable CO2 canisters

    Our CO2 canisters tuck neatly away out of sight, and they’re fully recycleable – so no need to worry about your eco-footprint.

    makes drinking water fun
    Chilled sparkling water when you want it

    Put some fizz into your drinks with carbonated water straight from your kitchen tap! Refreshing, chilled, delicious and healthy – it’s a fantastic, fun way to give you and your family all the benefits of drinking more water.

    a cleaner kitchen
    The extendable hose makes cleaning a breeze

    SeltzaTap’s extendable hose makes it a handy device for cleaning your fruit and vegetables, and sink too, making SeltzaTap the must-have faucet for your kitchen.

    Less clutter
    More countertop space

    You’ve tried other soda-makers, but they can take up a lot of valuable counter-top space. With seltzer coming straight from your SeltzaTap and the SeltzaHub cooler box and O2 canister neatly tucked away below the counter top, there’s less clutter in your kitchen.

    Delicious slice of lime and slice of lemon in carbonated water drink

    Drink more water

    Be a healthier you

    Everyone can benefit from drinking more water, but let’s face it, ordinary still water is a little, well... flat! With fizzy water on demand from your tap, you can enjoy more water in your day, and that means a healthier you.

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    REFRESHING FLAVOR Tastes great, really bubbly, CO2 last for ages. I can’t believe I used to use a countertop soda maker

    Suzanne R
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    SOOO CONVENIENT! No more lugging around heavy soda bottles. If you drink a lot of soda water SeltzaTap is a lifestyle changer

    Eric R.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    LOVE MY SELTZATAP! Great quality and reliable. After a year of use the tap is still performing like day one.

    Phillipe M.
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Very unsatisfied

    Both the hub and faucet were installed according to the specs and instructions. Immediately noticed that the carbonation was far less than advertised. Reached out to the owner, Donovan, via email and explained the issue and how the unit was installed per his instructions. He replied saying that he would have to think about it and we might need to talk on the phone (Red Flag when they don’t want to put their excuses in writing). I replied and explained that I was heading out of town for the holidays but asked a detailed question regarding the CO2 pressure. Over two months have gone by with no response from Donovan regarding my previous two emails. I still try to use the unit periodically, but the carbonation is weak and the hub now makes a very loud noise whenever it re-pressurizes. The noise is so loud and violent that it would be embarrassing to use with guests nearby.
    Their troubleshooting guide does mention this noise as an issue, but the only solution is to turn the unit off (wow…really?!?). I wish I had done more research and went with a more reputable company, but now I’m stuck with a $2000 paperweight!

    Blows the competition away

    We finally decided to pull the trigger on the Seltza. First off, the set up was a breeze, and Donovan was there to guide me if needed. Nothing complex and it was set up in 30-45 min. It works very well and the whole family is enjoying it every day. Before purchasing the Seltza from Donovan, we tried out the competitive German product thinking that it would be better. We were sadly very disappointed in our experience. The setup was very complex, the system ceased to function and was replaced 5 times, and it is more expensive. The German system was significantly bigger, additionally, I had to make holes in the cabinet floor to accommodate the air circulation and system feet which is not required by the Seltza. Thank goodness for the Seltza. All the benefits, none of the hassle.

    Matt Mcleod
    The Best!

    We've been looking for a compact and effective solution to our home carbonated water consumption "problem" for a while. I can report that the Seltza system is everything we hoped it would be: simple to set up, unlimited chilled carbonated water, and great looking! Prompt and knowledgeable support when it came time to install . . . Donovan even made a house-call to ensure that we were on the right path!

    Chaitanya Aggarwal
    Great product, easy to install, Donovan provides good customer support

    Bought this after comparing with Grohe Blue. Much better product and much better price. Carbonation level is better than Grohe Blue, provides really good water pressure. Donovan has provided really good customer support during installation as well. Very happy with this buy!

    George Urick
    A luxury, but it’s my favorite one

    TLDR: this thing is amazing! If given the option, I’d pick this again over any other product out there (and not just because there aren’t many options in NA).

    I remodeled my kitchen this year and decided that my soda stream, while way more eco-friendly than La Croix and Perrier, was inconvenient. I was constantly filling up liter bottles and half of it went flat before I could drink it. I hated replacing the CO2 every month and it was way more expensive than a large CO2 tank. I visited my company’s office in Europe and saw an on-demand soda faucet in the kitchen and knew I had to have one. I looked into Grohe Blue but it was really expensive and the reviews said it was super loud. And that’s literally the only option my contractors and many others knew about.

    Then I found Seltza Tap. The carbonator is small and fits well under the sink. It’s relatively quiet for a fridge right after refilling a glass, and it has a quiet buzz after that, which truly can’t be heard when you close the cabinet. It was really easy to install, and now I have basically limitless soda water in the exact amount that I want.

    The fizz in my experience is more than Perrier and less than La Croix. I’m not picky, but if given the choice, it’s the exact level I like. My tank is right at 75 PSI and I set the temp to 6°C. I think if you make it colder, it will be more fizzy because the CO2 integrates better with colder water.

    One special note is that I used a different faucet because I really loved the Brizo beverage faucet. The carbonator/fridge is compatible with any normal faucet than can handle high pressure.

    I’m in Seattle and shipping from BC was fast. The worst part was waiting 4 months for the remodel because it was installed on the last day of the project. Thank you so much Seltza Tap for making this in a market severely lacking options for on-demand soda water.