The Setzertap by Seltza, in a designer kitchen. The kitchen is blue and wood effect panelling. The tap is a brushed steel effect matching a steel sink. There are pot plants on the counter. Seltzatap brings carbonated water to your regular tap.

Turn on

Sparkling Water From Your Tap

Choose Fizzy or Still, Straight From Your Kitchen Faucet

SeltzaTap lets you choose between a glass of chilled sparkling water or still water at the turn of a handle. Plus regular hot and cold water for all your other needs.

Easy as 1–2–fizz!

Buy SeltzaTap online

Free delivery of your new faucet quickly and directly to your door

Easy installation

Install yourself or contact a local installer.

Enjoy fresh, cool seltzer water

Simply turn on your tap for pure, sparkling H20

How does SeltzaTap work?

Using SeltzaTap

1. It’s easy to clean fruit and vegetables, and your sink with the detachable hose spray. Also supplies regular hot and cold water.

2. Seltza water nozzle supplies chilled sparkling, chilled still, and ambient temperature water.

3. Use left faucet handle to select chilled sparkling, still or ambient water.

4. Use right handle to select and control regular hot and cold water.

Using SeltzaHub

5. The cooling SeltzaHub unit lives below your sink, storing and chilling sparkling water ready to be dispensed.

6. The CO2 canister is connected to the hub using the regulator and accessories supplied.

7. Touch buttons adjust the preferred cooling temperature on the front of the SeltzaHub.

A kitchen tap AND a sparkling water dispenser!? Yup!


REFRESHING FLAVOR Tastes great, really bubbly, CO2 last for ages. I can’t believe I used to use a countertop soda maker

Suzanne R
Vancouver, BC, Canada

SOOO CONVENIENT! No more lugging around heavy soda bottles. If you drink a lot of soda water SeltzaTap is a lifestyle changer

Eric R.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

LOVE MY SELTZATAP! Great quality and reliable. After a year of use the tap is still performing like day one.

Phillipe M.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Los Angeles, CA

How would SelzaTap change your life?

• Convenience of seltzer from your faucet
• The latest in innovative kitchen technology
• Drink less sugary pop
• Fill a reusable bottle to stay hydrated on the go
• No plastic bottles means kinder to the planet
• Make inventive and healthy drink treats

A brushed chrome Seltzatap installed an a brightly lit designer home. The countertop is white stone with some plant pots by the steel sink. In the background, a beautiful garden is visible through the patio windows.

A lifestyle upgrade

Looks good, tastes great!

You love your designer kitchen, and SeltzaTap will look right at home, adding contemporary style and enviable convenience to your kitchen set up. It’s time to start enjoying a refreshingly innovative, healthier upgrade to your home.

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