Frequently Asked Questions


For a full overview of how SeltzaHub and SeltzaTap/SeltzaTap Compact work together please take a look at our How It Works page.


When your CO2 canister has run out of gas you will be required to replace it. The CO2 canister is connected externally and replacing it is a simple process. All CO2 canisters are sold separately.

SeltzaHub does not include a filter.

Yes, all filters including RO filters can be installed before SeltzaHub. This will deliver filtered water to SeltzaHub and SeltzaTap/SeltzaTap Compact. SetlzaHub do not include cooper which makes it safe for use with softened water.

Yes, softened water is ok for SeltzaHub. SetlzaHub does not include cooper which makes it safe for use with softened water.

You must connect a faucet like SeltzaTap or SeltzaTap Compact and a CO2 canister to SeltzaHub in order to get chilled sparkling water from your faucet.

Venting is not required for SeltzaHub. SeltzaHubs design produces very little heat making it safe to install under the sink without ventilation.

SeltzaHub is meant to be placed under the counter. The dimensions of SeltzaHub are below. Please confirm you have enough free space under your counter.

Height: 410mm. (16 1/4")
Width: 170mm. (6 5/8")
Depth: 450mm. (17 3/4")

Yes, a standard 120v electrical outlet is required.

CO2 (Not included)

SeltzaHub accepts TR21-4 (threaded SodaStream style) and CGA-320 (5lbs, 20lbs) CO2 tanks.

We recommend the largest tank that you can fit in your space. Common tank size are SodaStream bottles, 5lbs, and 20lbs tanks. The larger the tank the lower the price per glass of Seltzer water.

There is no distance limitation when installing your CO2 tank. Customers have installed CO2 beside SeltzaHub, in a corner cabinet, or even in the basement with a hole drilled through the bottom of the cabinet.

The best places to purchase large CO2 tanks (5lbs, 20lbs) are home brew, beverage gas, hydroponic, and wine-making shops.


SeltzaTap does not include a filter.

There is a set screw on the three way handle. Once removed you can slide the handle off to gain access to the cartridge. There are three possible solutions.

  1. Tighten the nut holding the cartridge in place to prevent the drip.
  2. If this does not work a new cartridge is likely required. Contact us for more information on replacement cartridges.


Try resetting the power on the back of the SeltzaHub and wait 10 minutes.  Check that there is still CO2 in the cylinder

The valve on the left hand side may not be fully seated and adjust until the leaking stops.  If leaking persists please contact

Check for leaks with soapy water. Tighten the valve.