Frequently Asked Questions


  • For a full overview of how SeltzaHub and SeltzaTap/SeltzaTap Compact work together please take a look at our How It Works page.
  • Note for the Seltza system to produce sparkling water you need both a SeltzaHub and a faucet such as the SeltzaTap, as well as a CO2 canister.
  • If product is in stock, we ship orders out twice a week. Most customers receive their order within 1-2 weeks, but delivery times are not guaranteed.
  • If product is out of stock the estimated timing is shown below the pre-order purchase button. Please note this is a best-estimate and not a guarantee.
  • Each of Seltza product's specs are provided on the individual product page by clicking the button marked "specifications."
  • We estimate 70% of our customers install the system themselves and 30% use a plumber to install.
  • Some customers have reported installing the system within 30mins and others a few hours. We believe it depends on your experience and comfort with such processes.
  • Be sure to review how to properly use quick-connect fittings - there are many videos online.
  • Seltza provides a 1 year warranty, as well as ongoing support if issues arise.
  • We also provide a 100 day trial with free returns, if the product is not meeting your expectations.


  • You must connect a faucet like SeltzaTap or SeltzaTap Compact and a CO2 canister to SeltzaHub in order to get chilled sparkling water from your faucet.
  • SeltzaHub does not include a filter.
  • The SeltzaRO Filter is available for purchase.
  • Yes, water filters, including RO filters, can be installed before SeltzaHub.
  • It's important to ensure your filter has an outgoing pressure of minimum 20psi.
  • Yes, softened water is ok for SeltzaHub. SetlzaHub does not include cooper which makes it safe for use with softened water.
  • Venting is not required for SeltzaHub. SeltzaHubs design produces very little heat making it safe to install under the sink without ventilation.

SeltzaHub is meant to be placed under the counter. The dimensions of SeltzaHub are below. Please confirm you have enough free space under your counter.

  • Height: 40cm (15 3/4")
  • Width:  23cm (9 1/4")
  • Depth: 43cm (17")
  • Yes, a standard 120v electrical outlet is required.
  • The Hub unit does not require maintenance.

CO2 (purchased separately)

  • TR21-4 (threaded SodaStream style)
  • CGA-320 (5, 10, 20lbs)
  • We recommend the largest tank that you can fit in your space. The larger the tank the lower the price per glass of Seltzer water.
  • Common tank size are SodaStream bottles, 5lbs, 10lbs and 20lbs tanks.
  • There is no specific distance limitation when installing your CO2 tank. Customers have installed CO2 beside SeltzaHub, in a corner cabinet, or even in the basement with a hole drilled through the bottom of the cabinet.
  • There is a booster pump in the SeltzaHub for sparkling water. Note that there is no booster pump for the chilled-still and ambient-still lines, so they could experience a flow-rate drop when the Hub is further away than 10 ft.
  • CO2 tanks (5, 10, 20lbs) can be purchased at home brew, beverage gas, hydroponic, and wine-making shops.
  • When your CO2 canister has run out of gas you will be required to replace it. The CO2 canister is connected externally and replacing it is a simple process.
  • The washer inside the tank's CGA-320 regulator adapter also needs occasional replacement. Often people do this when exchanging their tank.


  • Yes, many third-party faucets will work with the SeltzaHub. Most of these will only be able to provide the sparkling water, because they don't have the added features that come with SeltzaTap / SeltzaTap Compact.
  • Some third-party faucets do not produce an adequate level of carbonation. We recommend emailing us at to discuss what faucet you hope to use.
  • The sparkling lever may need occasional replacement of the wear part. This is a simple task.


Don't be alarmed if you have extra parts after installation:

  • You may have more tubing than you need, as some SeltzaTaps require extra tubing.
  • You may find a water flow regulator in your box - this is provided for those customers that may want to install it (optional). We stopped installing it in all SeltzaHubs March 2024 onwards.
  • If you have a spare faucet cartridge, keep it for future maintenance use.
  • There may be other small parts intended for optional set-ups or order combinations.
  • It's key to ensure lines are fully inserted into fittings.
  • Quick connect fittings need to be inserted past the point of pressure (approx 3/4" deep) for a perfect seal.
  • For disconnecting & reconnecting, there are many videos online that show how to use quick connect fittings to prevent any damage.

Here are some tips for finding the right carbonation for you:

  • After the installation start-up process, allow a few days for the Hub to fully carbonate. Use/flush the sparkling water during this time.

  • Always run the sparkling line for a second before putting your glass under it. This will flush out the water sitting in the line.

  • Increase CO2 pressure (max 75psi). Recommend starting at 65psi and adjust as needed.

  • Decrease the internal Hub temperature to 2 degrees celsius. Recommend starting at the pre-set 4 degrees and adjust as needed.

  • Long lines between the Hub and Tap? Tubing may be longer than you might need. Trimming down your sparkling line can increase performance.  Note 1: Be sure to keep tubing long enough for moving the Hub in/out of position. Note 2: Ensure you are familiar with how quick-connect fittings work. There are many videos online.

Note adjustments can take time and flushing to experience the new level of carbonation.

  • Did you complete the compact aerator replacement, as shown in this 1 min video?
  • To decrease flow of sparkling water you may want to decrease CO2 pressure, depending on where it is currently at. Many customers are reporting their system works best at 60-65psi.
  • You can adjust the "soda water" valve at the side of the Hub to limit some water flow. Note the valve will feel stiff to turn.
  • If you are still experiencing a high pressure flow after these adjustments, let us know by emailing
  • The valve on the left hand side may not be fully seated. Adjust - there is a quiet "click" - and the dripping should stop.
  • If dripping persists please contact and we will help you out!
  • Make sure the regulator is turned the right direction: clockwise to increase pressure. This can seem counterintuitive.
  • Confirm that the tank is turned fully on and that there is adequate CO2 in the tank.
  • Check the washer inside the CGA-320 (large tank) adapter for damage.