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SeltzaTap has two nozzles. The first nozzle includes a sprayer and delivers your standard hot and cold water. The second nozzle connects directly to your SeltzaHub to deliver your choice of three water options.

  1. Chilled Sparkling Water
  2. Chilled Still Water
  3. Ambient Still Water

SeltzaTap comes in Brushed Satin, Brushed Gold, Matte Black, or Chrome finish to stylishly match your kitchen.



  • Regular water: Two way faucet for hot and cold.
  • Drinking Water: Three way faucet for chilled sparkling, chilled still & ambient still water.

SeltzaTap size (installed)

  • Height: 508mm (20")
  • Width: 333mm (13 1/8")
  • Depth: 50mm (2") base plus an additional 50mm (2") as right-side handle rotates 45 degrees towards backsplash

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    Key Features

    Hot, cold, chilled, sparkling

    Our one liter tank chills your water before it adds the bubbles, to give you delicious sparkling water you’ll love every time.

    Innovative Design

    SeltzaTap uses two separate waterways for drinking and potable water.

    Universal fittings

    There’s no need to worry about your new SelzaTap not fitting your kitchen sink. All fixtures are designed to be standard to North American kitchens.

    makes drinking water fun

    Chilled sparkling water when you want it

    Put some fizz into your drinks with carbonated water straight from your kitchen tap! Refreshing, chilled, delicious and healthy – it’s a fantastic, fun way to give you and your family all the benefits of drinking more water.



    REFRESHING FLAVOR Tastes great, really bubbly, CO2 last for ages. I can’t believe I used to use a countertop soda maker

    Suzanne R
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    SOOO CONVENIENT! No more lugging around heavy soda bottles. If you drink a lot of soda water SeltzaTap is a lifestyle changer

    Eric R.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    LOVE MY SELTZATAP! Great quality and reliable. After a year of use the tap is still performing like day one.

    Phillipe M.
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    a cleaner kitchen

    The extendable hose makes cleaning a breeze

    SeltzaTap’s extendable hose makes it a handy device for cleaning your fruit and vegetables, and sink too, making SeltzaTap the must-have faucet for your kitchen.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Overall good design, but some flaws...

    Would give the faucet a higher review, but when we received it, the faucet head had snapped off and we had to wait for a replacement part. Upon installing the faucet, we enjoyed the convenience of the Seltza experience for about a week before the soda water began to drip from the faucet. Apparently it was a bad cartridge, but the leaking seems to have stopped now that the cartridge has been replaced. Perhaps we just received a bad overall faucet, but it would have been nice not to have the delay waiting for parts and then having to repair the faucet virtually right away.

    Thank you for the valuable feedback, which helps us to learn and improve. Once again we apologize for the issues you've encountered and the inconvience it's caused. We are committed to ensuring you love your SeltzaTap. Please reach out if you need any further support.
    Seltza Support Team

    Max Q
    Great product

    I did a ton of market research to find a product that'd fit our needs, which were these:
    1. could work with SodaStream canisters
    2. Looked good
    3. Made good, fizzy water (other vendors the "seltzer" is really flat
    4. Works well as a kitchen sink for people who cook a lot

    I wish I had added a fifth column, which would have been "how good is the customer service". I add the fifth one because we had some issues that came up and Donovan, the owner/inventor could not have been easier to work with, faster to respond, more generous or more gracious.

    In short, we went with this product and are delighted. The other products we saw on the market were more expensive, or required us to drill holes in our under-sink cabinet b/c the product generated so much excess heat, or it was suggested that we pay a yearly $300 "service fee" for in-person checkups. When we tested the products out and were unimpressed, the saleswoman said "oh, were you expecting really fizzy water? this is more subtle than that". As if being flat were a feature, not a bug. Insane.

    This product is small, easy to set up, does exactly what we need, and has great customer support.

    One thing that we noted was the there is an error code that comes up fairly frequently that required me to turn the machine off for a minute and then turn it back on to reset. We solved this problem by putting a vacation timer on the outlet so the machine turns off for 15 minutes every night at 3am. That totally solved the issue.

    Also just really happy to support a very smart and dedicated inventor and small business owner!


    This faucet is beautiful and paired with the SeltzaHub has become one of the favorite features of our house. Sparkling water on tap is the talk of our dinner parties.

    Nick Spencer
    Beautiful Faucet!

    We purchased the brushed gold tap and it is beautiful! The materials of construction are high in quality and work great! Along with the Seltza Hub I installed, this is our newest favorite feature in the house!