5 Surprising Ways Seltzer Water Can Benefit You

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 The progression of carbonated drinks has come a long way since the creation of soda. As we learn more about the harmful effects of surgery drinks, more companies have catered towards making delicious carbonated beverages that prioritize our health

Enter seltzer water: a hydrating, zero-calorie alternative to sparkling sodas and sugary beverages. Created for your health and wellbeing in mind, seltzer water is the total package by offering total hydration and thirst quenching deliciousness without any sugar or harmful additives.

 Follow along as we uncover 5 surprising ways seltzer water can benefit you. Whether you’re new to seltzer water or have been a long-time lover of seltzer drinks, this one is for you! 

1.  Seltzer water keeps your body hydrated throughout the day

Hydration is an integral component of our mental and physical health. Drinking enough water every day can help regulate body temperature, enhance cognitive performance, prevent infection, improve organ function, help deliver cellular nutrients throughout your body, and so much more!

 Based on Statistics Canada, women should be drinking 2.2 L (9 cups) per day while men should be drinking 3 L (12 cups) per day. Although several factors affect how much water you need to stay healthy, including your health status, dietary needs, environmental temperatures, and activity levels, it’s very likely you may not be drinking enough.

 Seltzer water is a fizzy and delicious way to help maintain adequate levels of hydration throughout the day. For those who don’t enjoy drinking large amounts of flat water, seltzer provides an excellent supplement to reach your daily requirements. In fact, this study discovered that those who drink seltzer water are likely to sip more frequently throughout the day compared to flat water drinkers.

2.  Seltzer water helps with weight management

Hydration is an important component of weight management. However, did you know that carbonated water has even greater potential to help you manage your weight than flat water alone?

 As a natural appetite suppressor, water can keep your stomach feel fuller before, during, and after a meal. When it comes to seltzer water, this effect is even greater since the carbonated bubbles take up more space in your stomach causing you to feel fuller faster. Not only is it a a healthy way to quench your thirst, seltzer water gives your the perfect zero-calorie alternative to surgery beverages. By swapping your soda with a seltzer water, you’re more likely to stay on track to maintaining or even losing weight.

 Other great weight management benefits to seltzer water include: 

  • Helping to remove waste from the body
  • Allowing your to burn fat more easily
  • Improving your exercise capacity by reducing fatigue and lactic acid production


3.  Sparkling water plays a helpful role in digestion

As of recent, carbonation has been found to play a helpful role in our digestion. Research has found that the presence of carbon dioxide within the gastrointestinal system helps relieve symptoms of indigestion, constipation, stomach pain, and various other gastrointestinal-related problems. Beginning at the mouth, seltzer water is believed to stimulate the same nerves in the mouth that are used for swallowing. By drinking seltzer water with your meal, you’re not only able to swallow more easily, but the carbonation helps to clear any buildup along the way which can significantly improve digestion.


For the same reason seltzer water can help you manage your weight, the process of feeling full faster can also help slow you down during a meal and minimize the risk of indigestion. For best practices, it helps to chew your food slowly and swallow fully before taking your next bite. This way, your stomach has more time to recognize it’s full and relay this message back to your brain. 

4.  Seltzer water helps you avoid tooth decay

Did you know, tooth decay or erosion is one of the most common problems treated by dentists? With an abundance of sugar added to most carbonated beverages, overconsumption is a leading cause of tooth decay.


Although carbonation creates a slightly more acidic environment compared to regular water, there is no direct correlation between seltzer water and tooth decay. Not only is this great news for our teeth, but seltzer water also gives us an excellent alternative to surgery beverages altogether. Both your teeth and dentist will thank you for drinking more seltzer water.

5.  Seltzer water works great with fresh fruit and herbs

What makes seltzer water so unique is that it offers the perfect base to add a variety of delicious and nutritious ingredients. Compared to regular flat water, the fizziness of seltzer water enhances the flavours of fresh fruits and herbs. Consider adding mint for vitamin A and iron, rosemary for immunity and blood flow, mixed berries for antioxidants, and freshly squeezed lemon for vitamin C.


Whether you prefer drinking seltzer water on its own or want to enhance the benefits and flavours with some fresh fruit and herbs, you’re sure to enjoy the refreshing taste this carbonated beverage has to offer. Let us know some of your favourite seltzer recipes in the comments below!

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