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SeltzaHub sits under your sink and delivers three water types to your SeltzaTap:

  • Chilled Sparkling Water
  • Chilled Still Water
  • Ambient Still Water

Setup is simple. Connect the cold water line and your CO2 canister directly to SeltzaHub to start enjoying your first glass of chilled sparkling water.      SeltzaHub is designed for home use.



  • Rated voltage: 120V AC 60Hz
  • Volume of CO2 in the soda water: up to 7.5  g/L
  • Soda water capacity: > 5L/Hour & 1 Liter per single usage
  • Water inlet pressure (after filtration):  20-60 PSI
  • CO2 gas: pressure inlet up to 5.2 bar (75 PSI) Max
  • Electric outlet: Must have under sink plug outlet or ability to install a plug.
    SeltzaHub Size (fits under counter)
    • Height: 40cm (15 3/4")
    • Width:  23cm (9 1/4")
    • Depth: 43cm (17")
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      Key Features

      Small Footprint

      SeltzaHub is the smallest undersink unit on the market.

      Multiple CO2 Options

      SeltzaHub can be used with many different CO2 tanks from 0.25lbs-20lbs.

      Perfect Size Pour

      Choose the perfect serving size from one sip to one liter.

      makes drinking water fun

      Chilled sparkling water when you want it

      Put some fizz into your drinks with carbonated water straight from your kitchen tap! Refreshing, chilled, delicious and healthy – it’s a fantastic, fun way to give you and your family all the benefits of drinking more water.



      REFRESHING FLAVOR Tastes great, really bubbly, CO2 last for ages. I can’t believe I used to use a countertop soda maker

      Suzanne R
      Vancouver, BC, Canada

      SOOO CONVENIENT! No more lugging around heavy soda bottles. If you drink a lot of soda water SeltzaTap is a lifestyle changer

      Eric R.
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      LOVE MY SELTZATAP! Great quality and reliable. After a year of use the tap is still performing like day one.

      Phillipe M.
      Montreal, Quebec, Canada
      Less clutter

      More countertop space

      You’ve tried other soda-makers, but they can take up a lot of valuable counter-top space. With seltzer coming straight from your SeltzaTap and the SeltzaHub cooler box and O2 canister neatly tucked away below the counter top, there’s less clutter in your kitchen.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Great Alternative to SodaStream

      Love the Seltza Hub, as it is a great alternative to fizzing bottle after bottle with out old SodaStream. Installation was not overly complicated - it just requires you to follow directions appropriately.

      Chris P
      This is the one you want

      My seltzer life has evolved through the phases of:
      1) Buying too many plastic bottles at supermarkets
      2) Buying a Sodastream
      3) Buying a 3rd party kit to attach a CO2 tank to the Sodastream
      4) Getting fed up with constantly refilling bottles, and that sound!
      5) Finding SeltzaHub and SeltzaTap
      6) Installing them myself
      7) Getting fantastic support from Donovan!
      8) The joy of plumbed in seltzer!

      I recommend a 10 pound CO2 tank. It's only a bit taller than a 5 pound tank (it's mostly wider), so still fits under my sink. It costs me $30 to refill a 5 pound tank and $38 to refill a 10 pound tank (half as frequently). I bought the bigger tank in December, and drink 2-3 glasses a day of seltzer. I still haven't had to refill the tank yet 4 months later.

      An error code show up rarely. But, just power cycle the SeltzaHub and all is well.


      Spencer Doty
      Great Product!

      The only change I'd recommend is having a way to adjust the flow without having to take off the cover. If there was a nob to adjust it would of been nice.


      The SeltzaHub is incredibly designed with high quality materials and works just as described! Paired with the SeltzaHub Faucet, it is our favorite feature in the kitchen!

      Nick Spencer
      Just what we were looking for!

      We had been looking for a “sparkling water on tap” option for some time. After doing a lot of research online, I wasn’t happy with any of the options available until I came across the SeltzaHub. I installed the Seltza Hub and Tap last week and we have been loving it ever since! The installation was straight forward. I already had an RO water filtration system, and adding the hub was easy. I purchased a 5 lb CO2 bottle from Amazon and had it filled at a local fire extinguisher refill shop that has food grade CO2.

      The system works flawlessly and friends love to come over and use the “Topo Chico” faucet! The engineering behind this product is impressive! The materials of construction are high quality and built to last.