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SeltzaTap has two nozzles. The first nozzle includes a sprayer and delivers your standard hot and cold water. The second nozzle connects directly to your SeltzaHub to deliver your choice of three water options.

  1. Chilled Sparkling Water
  2. Chilled Still Water
  3. Ambient Still Water

SeltzaTap comes in Brushed, Matte Black, or Chrome finish to stylishly match your kitchen.



  • Regular water: Two way faucet for hot and cold.
  • Drinking Water: Three way faucet for chilled sparkling, chilled ambient, & ambient water.

SeltzaTap size (installed)

  • Height: 508mm (20")
  • Width: 333mm (13 1/8")
  • Depth: 50mm (2")

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    Key Features

    Hot, cold, chilled, sparkling

    Our one liter tank chills your water before it adds the bubbles, to give you delicious sparkling water you’ll love every time.

    Innovative Design

    SeltzaTap uses two separate waterways for drinking and potable water.

    Universal fittings

    There’s no need to worry about your new SelzaTap not fitting your kitchen sink. All fixtures are designed to be standard to North American kitchens.

    makes drinking water fun

    Chilled sparkling water when you want it

    Put some fizz into your drinks with carbonated water straight from your kitchen tap! Refreshing, chilled, delicious and healthy – it’s a fantastic, fun way to give you and your family all the benefits of drinking more water.



    REFRESHING FLAVOR Tastes great, really bubbly, CO2 last for ages. I can’t believe I used to use a countertop soda maker

    Suzanne R
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    SOOO CONVENIENT! No more lugging around heavy soda bottles. If you drink a lot of soda water SeltzaTap is a lifestyle changer

    Eric R.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    LOVE MY SELTZATAP! Great quality and reliable. After a year of use the tap is still performing like day one.

    Phillipe M.
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    a cleaner kitchen

    The extendable hose makes cleaning a breeze

    SeltzaTap’s extendable hose makes it a handy device for cleaning your fruit and vegetables, and sink too, making SeltzaTap the must-have faucet for your kitchen.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Nadine & Nathan
    Affordable and convenient - luxury upgrade!

    We had been using a countertop soda maker for many years and been dreaming of getting bubbly water right out of the tap. Our dream has come true! Seltza Tap is an affordable and easy-to-install option. Support has been prompt and personal when we had to reach out during install to address a few questions. There has been a minor re-curring issue that requires a restart of the system once in a while but it does not take a way from the functionality and enjoyment of the system. It's efficient and so convenient to fill our glasses and bottles without having to handle an extra machine that takes away counter space. We also love that we no longer have to partake in an inconvenient and expensive exchange system for the small CO2 cartridges. We coudn't be happier!

    Brian G
    Great customer service

    I purchased Seltza to help offset the rising cost of club soda and sparkling water. My wife and kids love carbonated drinks and we prefer to keep sugary sodas out of the house. Install was simple and we really like the look of the faucet. My first Seltza Hub had a defect that seemed to make the carbonation pretty weak and the unit itself was making a loud noise. I reached out to Donovan and expressed my frustration. He promptly responded to help troubleshoot the issue and had me send him a quick video of the noise. He was able to diagnose the defect and quickly shipped me a brand new unit. Since the water lines are quick connects, it was simple to swap out the units. We’re back in business and once again very happy with our purchase.
    I’m happy that I chose Seltza over the other options. Not only was the price better, but Seltza’s customer service is far superior to most companies I’ve dealt with. I’d happily recommend this product to anyone looking for an attractive and novel way of providing healthy hydration to their family.

    Blows the competition away

    We finally decided to pull the trigger on the Seltza. First off, the set up was a breeze, and Donovan was there to guide me if needed. Nothing complex and it was set up in 30-45 min. It works very well and the whole family is enjoying it every day. Before purchasing the Seltza from Donovan, we tried out the competitive German product thinking that it would be better. We were sadly very disappointed in our experience. The setup was very complex, the system ceased to function and was replaced 5 times, and it is more expensive. The German system was significantly bigger, additionally, I had to make holes in the cabinet floor to accommodate the air circulation and system feet which is not required by the Seltza. Thank goodness for the Seltza. All the benefits, none of the hassle.

    Matt Mcleod
    The Best!

    We've been looking for a compact and effective solution to our home carbonated water consumption "problem" for a while. I can report that the Seltza system is everything we hoped it would be: simple to set up, unlimited chilled carbonated water, and great looking! Prompt and knowledgeable support when it came time to install . . . Donovan even made a house-call to ensure that we were on the right path!

    Chaitanya Aggarwal
    Great product, easy to install, Donovan provides good customer support

    Bought this after comparing with Grohe Blue. Much better product and much better price. Carbonation level is better than Grohe Blue, provides really good water pressure. Donovan has provided really good customer support during installation as well. Very happy with this buy!